Cat Sitting  

1 Daily Visit
2 Daily Visits

Cat sitting service includes one or two daily visits, up to 30 minutes each.

We can provide first rate cat care while you are on holiday, short break, ill, or whenever you require us. It is always our intention to try and replicate the owners’ routine and imitate the interaction that would normally take place between cat and owners. We can also administer medicines, as supplied by your veterinarian.

We will do everthing for your cat that you would normally do:
Clean the feeding area & bowls & utensils
Change / refresh the cat litter
Groom (if your cat is used to this)
Last, but not least, give your cat lots of love & affection.

Our cat sitting service is a cost effective alternative to catteries or using friends or family, ensuring professional cat care, in their own home environment.

In addition, we also ensure that your property is kept secure and monitored during your absence including:

Home security check
Watering the plants
Opening & closing blinds
Bringing your mail, milk and newspapers inside
Switching lights off & on
Putting the bins out
Bit of shopping for your arrival back

Bark in the Park Pet Services : Telephone 07583 049142